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What to Expect

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To book us

If you have already used us then you would get a text message from us to remind you that your horse is due its dental check up. You will get a 5 per horse discount if you provide our last dental chart and it is within 3-4 months of the recommended check up date. Then you can either contact us by email or phone the practice manager for an appointment that is at a convenient time for you. We can normally get to you within a couple of weeks depending on the time of year. However, if you have a problem with a horse and need us more urgently then we will do our utmost to get there within a few days.

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The dental check up

When we arrive at your yard we will find out some information about the horse including age, its job, how it is performing and eating, and how it is to treat. We will ask for its previous dental chart too.

We will then spend time in the box with the horse so it becomes more accustomed to us. We palpate around the head feeling for any odd swellings, heat spots or soreness. Then the gag(speculum) is put on the horse when it is felt that the horse is ready and relaxed enough. We prefer to be in the stable on our own at this stage for safety reasons as well as finding that most horses are calmer to treat with less people in the stable. This was proven while working under COVID self distancing restrictions.

The mouth is then inspected by hand and by sight using our specialised head light. We will then formulate a treatment plan and encourage the owner to see and feel (if brave enough) what has to be done. We will also point out any soreness in the mouth whether it be caused by the dentition or by bitting and advise on any preventative solutions.

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The treatment

Normally the treatment is quite routine. That is to say that the work required is normally the removal of sharp enamel points and the reduction of small focal overgrowths. We would normally start with power instruments but can use hand floats (rasps) if necessary. Very rarely do we need any sedation.

If we find that there is an abnormality or more advanced work is necessary then we will advise you at the time. This will be done with the use of power instruments, which can normally be done without sedation depending on the horse. If however we feel that sedation is required then we would have to come back on a different day with a vet to sedate. This is because it is illegal for anyone other than a vet to sedate someone else's animal.

If the abnormality is chronic we may advise that the work is carried out gradually over two or three sessions over the year so as to not cause further problems by taking too much off in one go, just as a farrier would with a remedial case.

Sometimes it may be necessary for a tooth/part of a tooth to be extracted. In which case, we would liaise with your vet regarding a suitable plan. It may be necessary to have the tooth x rayed first or for the tooth to be extracted under sedation with pain relief.

equine dentist equipment laid out in front of stable


Once we have completed the treatment we will always offer to the owner the chance to see and feel the work that we have carried out.

Once we have completed the treatment we will always offer to the owner the chance to see and feel the work that we have carried out.

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