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Client Recommendations


Capt L M Holmes BVM&S MRCVS LG
The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment Vet
As Regimental Veterinary Officer to the HCMR I have observed Grant Chanter and his colleagues perform dentistry on my population of around three hundred horses over the last two years. Professional to the last, Grant and his team are clearly passionate about what they do and the result is an efficient, thorough and helpful service with extremely high standards.
The team are always punctual, well equipped and maintain an impeccable level of bio security when transferring equipment between yards and even between patients. Each technician is knowledgeable and are keen to discuss any dental or bitting matters and help with any cases which I ask their advice. They are confident in their capability boundaries and will always use my advice and radiographic interpretation to formulate a plan with any case. Their patients are treated as individuals and all of Grant's employees seem to have a natural affinity with the horse that allows for minimal intervention with sedation but yet never compromising the safety of horse, handler or technician.
The team are a pleasure to work with and have made a large impact on further improving the health of the military working horse. Grant himself is a patient and skilled instructor making sure the work of his apprentices is supervised and their work always to the high standard required by the qualification.
Mike Hewitt MRCVS
Senior partner of Wendover Heights Vet services and Pet Plan vet of the year.
We have worked with Grant on a wide variety of cases and have been impressed with his high standard of work and professional approach. Clients have commented on his calm and compassionate approach to their horses and the fact that he is always cheerful and on time.
Chris Blackmore B.Vet. Med, MRCVS
Senior partner to Park Vets in Watford
In my capacity as a perambulatory equine veterinarian I have worked alongside Grant for several years, mostly where the provision of sedation and analgesia has been required for various dental procedures. Grant approaches his cases in a very professional and capable manner and affords his patients the care and compassion they deserve.

Owners and professional riders

Phillip Spivey, international show jumper
We have used Grant for the last 7 years. It is very important to us that our horses mouths are comfortable so that they can perform to their full potential. We are very impressed with Grant's thoroughness and his handling of the more sensitive horses in particular.
Alex Hales, race horse trainer
We have been training racehorses for over 8 years. When we first started out training we needed a good Equine Dentist and were recommended Grant Chanter. From the very first horse he treated for us he has always been very professional. Some racehorses can be highly strung and even with the most difficult horses he has dealt with them in a quiet and considerate manner. There has never been a horse that he has not been able to treat and after their treatment the results have been quite noticeable.
The horses are always much improved and are a lot happier in themselves. Grant will never treat a horse that does not need doing just to get a fee which is something we have encountered in the past. We would not use any other Equine Dentist and we are always confident when we recommend Grant.
Antonette McKeowan, international event rider
Grant has treated my horses since 2000 during which I have been very impressed with his professionalism. He is always keen to show me any problems that may exist along with any ideas of improving how the horse feels in the mouth. He is extremely patient with some of the more difficult horses that I have.
Lindsey Roberts
I have used Grant to look after my horses teeth for several years now and not only have I found him to be an excellent equine dentist but I have always been impressed with how gentle and considerate he is with the horses, which allows even my sensitive and flighty horse to be treated without sedation and without getting agitated.
Julie Paine- Riding school/livery yard owner and competitor
Grant has been treating my yard for the last four years and have been impressed with his conscientious and professional manner.One horse of mine he has transformed. Previous EDT's had not succeeded in improving how one of my mares eat, as she used to quid most of her hay ,as well as be quite inconsistent in the contact when ridden. Not only does the mare eat normally but she now rides so much better resulting in much success with her dressage.

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