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The Equine Dentist Team

Grant Chanter

picture of grant chanter, equine dentist based in buckinghamshire

Grant has been involved with horses all his life. He was brought up hunting and pony clubbing on Exmoor. Attempts to avoid the equine have been unsuccessful. A 2:1 hons degree in Urban Estate Management was gained at the time of the property slump so no jobs were available. He then joined the Army gaining a commission in 1993 and was awarded The Sword of Honour on his young officer course with The Royal Artillery. After three years he was offered a post with The King's Troop RHA and promoted to Captain. He was given command of approximately 30 fabulous horses and men. He came top of the army instructors course in Melton Mowbray where the BHS AI qualification was also gained. Here he was able to compete up to advanced level eventing along with 30 rides point to pointing. It was here where he realised that a profession in the equestrian industry was the way forward.

A fellow dentist and ex Household Cavalryman, Greg Wood, is the man to blame for choosing a career in Equine dentistry. He recommended I go to an American school in Idaho in 2000. Before this he was able to attempt basic dentistry on the army horses with a vet on sight to supervise. After four years improving his dentistry skills he passed The British Equine Veterinary Association exam and has since been a member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT).

Grant Chanter on his charger at St Johns Wodd Barracks, home of The Kings' Troop Royal Horse Artillery

During this time he has expanded his practice as demand has grown so that there is a team of EDT's more readily available to come out quickly. He is now a placement provider with Hartpury College and is actively involved with the improvements in practical training.

A short British Equine Trade Association bitting course gave him the interest to also specialise in bitting advice to clients. A bit bank has gradually evolved from this which now incorporates Hilary Vernon's exciting new bitting range.

Grant is married to Anna Johnson, who is a Chartered Physiotherapist. Anna was the official Physiotherapist for the British Equestrian team from 1998-2006.

Kaye Gilby

picture of kaye gilby, buckinghamshire equine dentist

Kaye has spent most of her life with horses. After leaving school she studied and passed her bhs exams up to stage three whilst working on a stud farm. Here she worked with the stallions, backing youngsters and producing young horses for sale.

In 1990 she moved to Mr vin Toulson's show producing yard where she backed and produced competition horses. She then became the head girl at a hunting yard where she backed and produced horses for hunting and competition.

In 1990 kaye had a career change away from horses and joined the wiltshire police force as a police constable. Here she was trained as an advanced driver and specialised in joint investigation and vulnerable adults. However, she concurrently continued to produce horses of her own.

In 2006 she embarked in an apprenticeship with grant and passed her beva exam in 2010.

Kaye is married with two children.

Jemma Beatty

equine dentist in show ring on grey horse

My relationship with horses began at a very early age, where riding took preference to walking as my push chair was a donkey! My first pony at the age of four was a welsh section A who at the grand age of 32 is still with us today. With her I attended pony club which involved taking part in the finale at Olympia. My pony club days then led to competing at county level showing winning and being placed at major championships in both ridden and WHP classes. To date I now own a Welsh section D and a Connemara which I also compete when time allows.

While at school my interests other than riding were gymnastics and trampolining at which I also competed. After leaving school I took a year out to go traveling, returning to attend Hertfordshire University where I achieved a 2:1 in a Sports Science degree.

After my degree while reflecting on my career I ran my mother's livery yard for 18 months. I soon realised that my chosen path would be with horses but needed to specialise. I always showed an interest in Grant's routine visits to our yard, so asked to accompany him on a day's work experience.

At present I am attending Hartpury College where I am in my final year of an Equine Dental degree, working towards the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) qualification as well as working alongside Grant and his team.

Gemma English

equine dentist on black horse

I grew up in a small village in the heart of Northamptonshire, where I attended my local school. My love of horses began very early with my first riding lesson at the age of 2. Since then my passion has been a significant part of my life, as a member of the Grafton Pony Club, Towcester Young Farmers as well as riding with the Grafton Hunt and attending Wellington Riding. Whilst growing up I competed locally: eventing, showing and show jumping on an array of different ponies. The pony I first brought on was a young most unsuitable 'pony club pony' called Cracker, with whom I achieved my most prized award, 'The Endeavour Cup' at Pony Club Camp.

Alongside my equine passion, I am a keen sportswoman. Over the last 10 years I have played a high standard of Hockey and I now play within the Midlands League alongside some established former England players. Cricket is another sport in which I have gained a degree of success, representing Northamptonshire Senior Ladies as the wicketkeeper. Lately however you can find me on the golf course or in the saddle in my spare time.

As part of my second year of Equine Dental Studies at Hartpury College, I am working on a placement for Grant where I have been since 2011. I came into this field after establishing I would love to work with horses where the job would be challenging, always furthering knowledge and thoroughly rewarding. So far it has fully lived up to my expectations and I am eager to qualify as an Equine Dental Technician.

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